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Due to corporate closures revolving around COVID-19, we will be transitioning all TechLiquidators customer support to email and support tickets, and closing the TL Support phone line until further notice.
As more states and local governments institute curfews and lockdowns in response to COVID-19, we understand that these rules have forced some businesses to temporarily close their doors.
  • If your business has been affected and you are unable to make payment or accept shipment at this time, please refrain from actively bidding on auctions.
  • TechLiquidators will be unable to hold inventory for invoices that remain unpaid or shipments that are unable to be delivered.
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TechLiquidators is the largest online auction marketplace for buying bulk liquidations of new, used, refurbished, returned, end of life and non-functioning consumer electronics and information technology products. Click here to read more About TechLiquidators

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TechLiquidators has been the exclusive provider of Best Buy bulk wholesale electronics since 1999, an achievement that we credit to the effectiveness of the website's auction platform, customer demand for high-value consumer electronics and a hard-earned reputation for excellence. Click here to sign up.

About Our Wholesale Electronics

Our auctions feature a wide variety of video game consoles, home theater systems, computers, Blu-Ray players, LCD and Plasma TVs, Apple products and much more. Make TechLiquidators your supplier of wholesale electronics liquidation today!